Spring 2018 Anime Season in Review: Toji no Miko – Katana Maidens

(I wanted to try this, so expect some of these in the future and feel free to give some feedback!)

Our story takes place in the wonderful world of glowing monsters and schoolgirls with inconveniently-sized weapons, you know, like every crappy mobile phone game where you loot girls of differing rarity from a magic box then force the more useful ones to cannibalize their weaker peers. But fear not, this is completely different, because, as the obnoxious fans will tell you, no matter what, that you should just stop pretending to have an opinion different to theirs, this isn’t just a generic battle series with clichéd characters, mind-numbingly boring plotlines and horrendous visuals and animation, no sir! This one has “clearly understands the art of KENJUTSU” (teleporting sword clashes and sabers longer than two average animu grill are ancient traditions, apparently), so it is by default none of the previous.

Anyway, Katana Maidens follows Kanami, a sword fetishist, and her friends who adhere to the same “one trait per character” rule of their troubling times, as they fight to defeat this very unhappy lady of power, only to realize that she was being used by the evil monster queen, only to realize that not every aspect of the monster queen is evil, only to realize that the whole story has been nothing but a long, stretching goalpost, promising some sense of catharsis out of this dull and uninspired piece of nothingness.

Overall rating: Stab me please, I need something, anything to stimulate me!