Spring 2018 Anime Season in Review: Beatless Intermission

Beatless Intermission is a wonderful new series, introducing a revolutionary format for the busy times of today. The entire show is just one episode of recap after the other, allowing the viewer to experience an entire 24 episode series with just a handful of entries.

It’s a shame though, that during the broadcast of Beatless Intermission, the episodes where three or four weeks apart from each other with the timeslot being filled with a really shitty show in between, called Beatless.

That stupid piece of visual detritus is about a futuristic world where everyone is racist towards their robots except for our protagonist, and he’s rewarded for his basic human decency by meeting a pretty sexualized but generally plain-looking robot slave of his own, who manipulates him into letting Lady SkyNet fix their racist utopia the way she wants to. It’s an experience not unlike being beaten to death with solidified stupidity while watching a compilation of every B-tier sci-fi with androids in them that tries to be poignant and rich with meaning, despite their scripts being written with crayons and bogeys. Good thing Beatless Intermission gave us a respite from this trash fire.

Overall rating: The best thing to have come out of Diomedea. Period.