Spring 2018 Anime Season in Review: Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou

 A sequel to the 2005 anime that was based on the manga adaptation of a novel from 1958, this show has quite the legacy behind its back. Thankfully, none of that is needed for one to…I’m gonna say…enjoy this show.

After the Iga and Kouga ninja clans have murdered each other in the last series, now they work together, hoping that their child leaders, a pair of siblings, would produce more heirs for their nondescript ninja activities. But it all changes when a gang of wandering magicians kill everyone but the main cast, leaving them to grow up and die one by one in rather convoluted ways in the final confrontation with the magicians’ moving castle (no, not that one) after 18 episodes of angsting at each other really hard.

There are many great things to this anime, such as the decent opening and how amusing it is that all the characters suddenly become really bad at this whole ninja thing whenever the script deems them ready to die. Aaaand that’s about it…Can’t say this was worth watching…

Overall rating: Oda Nobunaga’s skull needs to see you two fuck. Incest porn is his thing.