Nihil – Chapter 1: Lost – Part 3

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My face. It looked like my skin was torn off and regrown several times. It wasn’t like I was riddled with scar tissue, more along the lines that one huge scar tissue was interrupted with a few small folds of undamaged skin. It wasn’t like the injuries of a burn victim, more like something, that was cut up over and over again with great precision. On my forehead, almost entirely covered by my light grey hair, I could see two large horns sticking out. They were arcing upwards in a slight angle, and I felt as if they were out of the bones of my forehead, that grew under the skin until they pierced through it. My teeth were sharp as blades like those of beast that prey on other animals not only for nutrition but for entertainment as well. I could barely close my mouth with those knife-like objects in it.