Nihil – Chapter 1: Lost – Part 1

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1. Lost

“Who are you?”

The voice wasn’t the same as before. It was more human. It wasn’t hostile anymore. I felt that my surroundings had changed as well. No longer was I shackled in an empty Void.

“Heyho! You’re alright, man?” He wasn’t talking from all around me anymore. I clearly heard a speaker from above my head. I suddenly felt the wet wall I was putting my back against.

“I’d appreciate if you could give me any sign of life. You know, I really don’t have any issues with talking to corpses, still, it’s better to know.” I opened my eyes. I was sitting in a murky room. It looked like some sort of a laboratory, that was abandoned in a hurry. Devices of all kinds were all over the place. It seemed as if this room was some sort of an examination room with some barely comfortable furniture.

“Hey! I can hear your heavy breathing. Talk to me, man!” I could locate the speaker above me he was using. I was sure, he wasn’t the one I was talking to before.

“Who-who are you? Where are you? Where am I?” I was hoping to finally get some answers to this mess of thought and faded spots in my mind.