Chasing Shadows

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This is my first short story, so please comment your opinion. There is also this PDF thingy, but you can’t talk there.

A man in a business suit was on walking down the road. Along his long and tedious journey home, he was accompanied by no one, but the leather briefcase in his left, the weight of exhaustion on his legs and the elongated shadow at his feet, mirroring his every movement.

It was a warm, midsummer night like any other. The desiccated leaves on a line of trees nearby sizzled at the gentlest of gusts in the otherwise stale air, crying out for a rain that has yet to arrive for one more week. In the distance, a pack of dogs’ barking chorus serenaded the moon, visible in its entirety in the complete absence of clouds.

The faltering streetlights only managed to carve momentary cones of luminescence into the black veil that has settled upon the pavement, yet it did not bother the man. A regular commuter on this path, he had taken the course so many times that his body could maneuver the street in pitch darkness without any conscious input. Such was the case tonight as well.

Nihil – Prologue: Before

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The book of Nihil Chapter One is out, you can read it here, or in PDF format if you are into that, you filthy animal. It’s 100% percent like a book despite the scent. And the loading screen.

Prologue: Before

„Can you remember why are you here?”

Asked a calm voice. It didn’t feel hostile, yet it reeked of some sort of an unwelcome cold tone, as if it was maintaining a perfect appearance, overcoming the underlying disgust.

„No…” I didn’t even notice the words leaving my mouth, only long after their resonance had died out in the empty space.“W-where am I?” It struck me as I was thinking about my unconscious reply. I didn’t even know what place ‘Here’ was referring to.

“Look around! Can’t you recognize anything at all?” He sounded a bit more uneasy as I couldn’t give him a proper reaction.

“I can’t even see anything! What’s going on?” I started panicking as I was giving words to my thoughts.

“Relax, but try to pay attention to me! You’re not in danger. You’ll be able to see soon enough. Please, try to cooperate with me as much as you can!”