Spring 2018 Anime Season in Review: Beatless Intermission

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Beatless Intermission is a wonderful new series, introducing a revolutionary format for the busy times of today. The entire show is just one episode of recap after the other, allowing the viewer to experience an entire 24 episode series with just a handful of entries.

It’s a shame though, that during the broadcast of Beatless Intermission, the episodes where three or four weeks apart from each other with the timeslot being filled with a really shitty show in between, called Beatless.

That stupid piece of visual detritus is about a futuristic world where everyone is racist towards their robots except for our protagonist, and he’s rewarded for his basic human decency by meeting a pretty sexualized but generally plain-looking robot slave of his own, who manipulates him into letting Lady SkyNet fix their racist utopia the way she wants to. It’s an experience not unlike being beaten to death with solidified stupidity while watching a compilation of every B-tier sci-fi with androids in them that tries to be poignant and rich with meaning, despite their scripts being written with crayons and bogeys. Good thing Beatless Intermission gave us a respite from this trash fire.

Overall rating: The best thing to have come out of Diomedea. Period.

Spring 2018 Anime Season in Review: Hakyuu Houshin Engi

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The show that started out about our hero Taikobo descending to the mortal realm in order to defeat the witch ruining the Shang dynasty and spent most of its run time with sennin fighting other sennin while the whole new dynasty thing took care of itself underneath the heavenly light show.

And it’s a good thing, since the godly fisticuffs at least manage to maintain some sense of a consistent tone while everything else was stuck between a gag manga and a very cynical snuff film…

HHE intends to be a character drama with a pretty large and visually varied cast, but in all honesty, it feels like there’s no time to really develop anything as the show rushes forward, while at the same time, nothing meaningful happens for most of the damn thing.

Overall rating: It happened, I think…

Spring 2018 Anime Season in Review: Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou

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 A sequel to the 2005 anime that was based on the manga adaptation of a novel from 1958, this show has quite the legacy behind its back. Thankfully, none of that is needed for one to…I’m gonna say…enjoy this show.

After the Iga and Kouga ninja clans have murdered each other in the last series, now they work together, hoping that their child leaders, a pair of siblings, would produce more heirs for their nondescript ninja activities. But it all changes when a gang of wandering magicians kill everyone but the main cast, leaving them to grow up and die one by one in rather convoluted ways in the final confrontation with the magicians’ moving castle (no, not that one) after 18 episodes of angsting at each other really hard.

There are many great things to this anime, such as the decent opening and how amusing it is that all the characters suddenly become really bad at this whole ninja thing whenever the script deems them ready to die. Aaaand that’s about it…Can’t say this was worth watching…

Overall rating: Oda Nobunaga’s skull needs to see you two fuck. Incest porn is his thing.

Spring 2018 Anime Season in Review: Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen (Prologue)

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Remember the original Cardcaptor Sakura? Have you been in love with its characters for all these years? Are you so starved for more that you’d be happy to just watch your favourite characters dick around with each other (not in that way) in their extremely idealized, genuinely decadent environments (the kind that would awaken the comrade in anyone), while the promise of an actual story floats away into the distance?

If your answer was yes to all of these questions, then good for you, this series will deliver the bare minimum. Otherwise I’d recommend just coasting away from the series, you wouldn’t get much out of it…

Overall rating: Take back Tomoeda for the working class!

Spring 2018 Anime Season in Review: Toji no Miko – Katana Maidens

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(I wanted to try this, so expect some of these in the future and feel free to give some feedback!)

Our story takes place in the wonderful world of glowing monsters and schoolgirls with inconveniently-sized weapons, you know, like every crappy mobile phone game where you loot girls of differing rarity from a magic box then force the more useful ones to cannibalize their weaker peers. But fear not, this is completely different, because, as the obnoxious fans will tell you, no matter what, that you should just stop pretending to have an opinion different to theirs, this isn’t just a generic battle series with clichéd characters, mind-numbingly boring plotlines and horrendous visuals and animation, no sir! This one has “clearly understands the art of KENJUTSU” (teleporting sword clashes and sabers longer than two average animu grill are ancient traditions, apparently), so it is by default none of the previous.

Anyway, Katana Maidens follows Kanami, a sword fetishist, and her friends who adhere to the same “one trait per character” rule of their troubling times, as they fight to defeat this very unhappy lady of power, only to realize that she was being used by the evil monster queen, only to realize that not every aspect of the monster queen is evil, only to realize that the whole story has been nothing but a long, stretching goalpost, promising some sense of catharsis out of this dull and uninspired piece of nothingness.

Overall rating: Stab me please, I need something, anything to stimulate me!

Update The First, or The Importance of Feedback

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Salutations, Silent Crowds!

I’d like to apologize for the lack of new content this month!

To be honest, there’s loads of stuff to post, but I feel a bit iffy about it, since there’s little to no feedback from any of you, and that’s not exactly an inspiring thing to see. I know it’s petty to say stuff like this, but I don’t see any reason to sugarcoat the situation.

I promise that I will publish something new posthaste, and some improvements on the site layout are in order as well!

However, there is one thing I wish to ask of you, whoever you may be, reading these lines:

Let me know that you’re here!

Even a quick “Hello there” is fine, I just want to feel like my work is reaching people, that is why I create it, after all.

So, as a way of encouragement, the next writing to be posted will be chosen based on your response!

Do you want a new section from the novel or are you looking for another short story?

Please leave a comment, so I that I can hear your opinion in the matter!


Now then, I guess that’s more than enough attention-begging for today!




Nihil – Chapter 1: Lost – Part 5

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I gave up on trying to get more out of him. Maybe I hoped that I would make more sense out of the situation around me if I kept going on. Maybe those rebels would help me find reason in this mess that was constantly swirling in my head. Maybe I could get true allies with real faces and presence among those rebels on the other side of all the rubble, waiting for me to find them.

The thought of finally meeting other people in person filled my mind. I wondered how they’d look like. I couldn’t remember seeing any human being, so I could only picture them as I pictured myself. Then again I’ve only seen my own reflection once and I wasn’t even surely if that was real. I instinctively had an idea about how a human’s appearance, that’s why I was petrified when I first looked into the mirror. But there was no guarantee that my instincts were right. It’s equally possible that what I called a “monster” is what we would consider a “regular look”…

As I was digging my way to freedom with all the strength left in my arms, pushing myself beyond of what I was capable of, almost as if I tapped into forces of inhuman, animalistic nature, a sudden fear came to me and I couldn’t shake it no matter how hard I tried. I realized that I thought of the rebels as my saviours even before I had actually met them. What if they won’t help me at all? What if I really was a monster on the outside and they’d kill me the instant I approached them. And how would I reach out to them even if they wouldn’t find me hostile? I didn’t know if they’d understand my words or they’d just hear gibberish. I didn’t have the ability to connect to them.

Once I reached that conclusion I stopped. I couldn’t continue on. I didn’t have the strength nor the means to proceed. I was nothing. I was not of this world. I did not really exist here. Tears were trying to burst out, but they just kept welling up, not breaking through the dam that was in their way. I was so empty that I couldn’t even cry. My emotions were just as shallow and fake as everything else about me. I could never see others, and they could never feel my presence. I should have just died right then and there. The walls should have finally given in and collapsed on my body. A corpse without name, purpose or reason, crushed in a place that doesn’t exist and there’s no map that would show you this non-existent location. It wasn’t even really there. It was nothing. I am nothing.

Nihil – Chapter 1: Lost – Part 4

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As I used the handle on the rusty door, it slid to the right, but only went halfway before the rust stopped it, thus I had to put myself through the gap. Once I got to the other side I had the chance to look around my surroundings.

“What is this place?” I was turning my head left and right, trying to figure it out.

[It used to be some kind of a research lab. No official records mention the place, so I’m pretty sure, that it was under the direct control of the High Council and it was used for some shady experiments, but for some reason they seem to have abandoned it.]

Nihil – Chapter 1: Lost – Part 3

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My face. It looked like my skin was torn off and regrown several times. It wasn’t like I was riddled with scar tissue, more along the lines that one huge scar tissue was interrupted with a few small folds of undamaged skin. It wasn’t like the injuries of a burn victim, more like something, that was cut up over and over again with great precision. On my forehead, almost entirely covered by my light grey hair, I could see two large horns sticking out. They were arcing upwards in a slight angle, and I felt as if they were out of the bones of my forehead, that grew under the skin until they pierced through it. My teeth were sharp as blades like those of beast that prey on other animals not only for nutrition but for entertainment as well. I could barely close my mouth with those knife-like objects in it.

Nihil – Chapter 1: Lost – Part 2

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Then suddenly everything stopped. I didn’t feel the pain anymore. I felt much better than I did ever before. It scared me as I was left without any bad sensation.

“Am I dead? The pain is gone…”

“On the contrary, you are very much alive, friend!” I sensed that he eased up from my question. Maybe he wasn’t as sure about my survival as he pretended to be.

I managed to stand up easily. Somehow it felt so distant when it was a deadly struggle just to move a finger. Guess it’s in our nature to get used to the easy way as soon as we taste it.